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The success of Digital Daskalo would not be possible without the collaboration and commitment of our partners, who have exceptional knowledge and experience in their field. Their expertise and professionalism is a reflection of their high standards and commitment to every task they face.

"Union Interactive" Ltd

Union Interactive Ltd. offers educational technologies, software and teacher training. The training programs are approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture and are registered in IROPK. The company works in the "Education" sector throughout the country and is specifically aimed at the needs and specifics of educational institutions. We offer a complete model of work, including all additional services related to the correct and effective integration of educational technologies and learning software in the classroom. Union Interactive is an authorized distributor and official representative or partner for education of some of the world's most widespread manufacturers of educational technologies - Microsoft, Mozaik Education, Arduino, zSpace and others. To date, Union Interactive has built partnerships with hundreds of Bulgarian schools and kindergartens. Over the years, we have equipped more than 1,500 classrooms and classrooms with modern technologies and trained more than 5,000 teachers to work with them. We work according to an established model, with high professionalism and responsibility towards each of our clients, which brings us positive feedback from our clients and partners.

ARHIKA EOOD is the architectural firm we rely on. It was founded in 2005. as a family design firm.
The ARCHIKA team  skilfully combines old traditions with the most modern technologies.

"We are the first architectural firm in Bulgaria that, using its own 3D laser scanner, professional drone, VR glasses, achieved European standards for digitizing cultural heritage.
We work with dedication because we perceive our work as a cause to make the environment around us better, to show the richness and great value of our cultural heritage and to preserve it for future generations, so that they can be proud to be Bulgarians.
We work on projects of different nature and scope in large teams with different experts."

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